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Pain Sufferers Want Relief: Try These Measures

Pain relief measures are widely variable depending both on the exact characteristics of the problem and the person suggesting the remedy. Pain relief measures range from medication to topical treatments and creams to alternative remedies. Some methods of pain relief are widely accepted as effective and uncontroversial, while other treatment options frequently come under fire and are the subject of controversy. However, many of the remedies that people tend to be skeptical of often prove to be both useful and effective. For those wary of trying new remedies or alternative therapies, a knowledge of the remedy can help explain how it can be beneficial for pain relief.

Pain Relief Measures: Try These

One of the most common and easiest pain relief measures is icing the injured or sore area. This treatment is especially useful for sprained, strained or sore muscles, and injuries like shin splints. Ice packs or ice cubes can be used, but it is important not to ice for too long because there is the risk of damage to skin tissue because of excessive cold. A similar pain relief measure is the use of heat, as in the forms of heat packs and hot baths. Heat can help relax tense and sore muscles and ease away the pain. It is a common remedy used to alleviate backache pain.

A similar yet different remedy is pain relief creams like Icy Hot or Blue Emu Cream. These creams and lotions produce cooling and heating effects on contact which help dull the pain with the cold and then relax it away with the heat. They are extremely popular with athletes and people with sore muscles because they are easy and quick and have a very low risk of side effects. The main ingredients tend to be capsaicin, menthol or salicylate.

For alternative pain relief measures, magnet therapy and acupuncture have both been proven to be effective in helping lessen pain. Magnets can be worn as bracelets or patches and deliver pain relief consistently throughout the day while worn. Acupuncture, though a more expensive pain relief option, is widely accepted as a way to deal with pain. It is most often used in people dealing with severe pain that is somewhat long-term. Few people use acupuncture to help with temporary pain from muscle soreness. A fourth type of pain relief option is simple medication, like Ibuprofen or Aleve. Both of these medicines are mild, with a low risk of side effects, and have anti-inflammatory effects.

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