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Pain Treatment: Cream Brings Relief

Pain relief cream is a very common form of pain relief that is used by a very diverse group of people. Everyone from athletes to non-athletes and young people to older adults can benefit from the effects of pain relief cream. Some of the primary benefits of pain relief cream are that it is extremely easy to use; easy to transport in sports bags, purses or briefcases; and instantaneously effective. In addition to being physically effective in helping alleviate pain, pain relief cream probably contributes to pain relief mentally, as well, because users can feel—and therefore believe in—the penetrating action of most creams.

Pain Relief Cream: Two Recommendations

Pain relief cream can be used on nearly any external part of the body. It is frequently used on muscles, especially the quadriceps and calves, but is also used on elbows, shoulders, back, arms, etc. Anywhere one experiences pain is an acceptable place to apply the cream. Many of the creams available on the market today now capitalize on the combination of a heating and cooling effect. The creams are designed to first soothe away the pain with a deep penetrating heating action and then numb the area to allow for full participation in athletic activities, competitions, and workouts.

One exceptionally popular brand of pain relief cream is the well known Icy Hot. Icy Hot has been around for quite a while and probably has a corner on the market. Although Icy Hot does a very good job of quickly penetrating muscles and joints to relieve pain, its odor is very strong and distinct. It has such a strong peppermint or menthol smell that it can sometimes be overwhelming if applied too heavily.

Another new option in the area of pain relief creams in Blue Emu Cream. Blue Emu Cream has the same effect as Icy Hot, first creating a heating action followed by a numbing cooling effect. It is exceptionally effective and quick-acting. Because it is odorless, non-greasy, hypoallergenic, and made with many nourishing skin ingredients, many consumers use it primarily as a moisturizing cream. If odor is not a concern and pain relief is your primary goal, Blue Emu Maximum Strength Cream may be an option to consider. Although there are other pain relief creams out there, these two are some of the best options.

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