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Muscle Problems: Relief Options for the Ache

Muscle ache relief is an issue that relates to everyone, primarily because many people try to do more than their bodies can handle. Everyone, from ordinary people to athletes in training, experience muscle aches and pain for time to time. Whether it is due to rearranging furniture, moving into a new home, playing a game of tennis with some friends, or trying to get back into shape, any sudden change to your activity routine can strain your muscles and cause painful aches and fatigues. As a result of the high frequency of muscle aches, different pain medications and topical ointments are popular sellers in pharmacies.

Muscle Ache Relief: Know Your Choices

If you are looking for muscle ache relief, one of the first things you should do is isolate and identity the source or cause of the pain. This initial step is important because you need to know if your pain is resulting from simple strain and overuse or if you have a serious problem that requires a doctor’s treatment. If you have torn a muscle, dislocated a disk or joint, or have some other similar problem, you should not rely on pain relief treatments to alleviate the pain because it will only temporarily mask the real problem.

One of the most common forms of muscle ache relief is icing the problem area. This treatment can be accomplished using either cold ice packs or actual ice cubes. However, this treatment can only be used for certain conditions primarily after doing an athletic activity because it causes the muscles to constrict. This muscle constriction can cause further injury if icing is done before a workout. Heat is another popular treatment option that helps to gradually melt and ease away the pain. The combination of these two remedies is often prescribed to deal with muscle aches and strains and is the motivation behind the creation of certain topical creams like Icy Hot and Blue Emu Cream. These creams and ointments are applied to the skin near the problem area and create heating and cooling sensations deep in the muscles.

If more continued pain relief is needed for your muscle aches, ibuprofen and Aleve are great options that help with pain treatment and cause few side effects. Aleve is more long-lasting that ibuprofen, which requires it to be taken fewer times during the day, but either one is effective for minor pain treatment.

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