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Relief for All Pain Types: Natural Choices

As more and more medicines emerge to saturate the market, an increasing number of people are turning to all natural pain relief because they believe that these options are better for their bodies. There are many different types of natural pain relief: some are more suitable for certain types of pain than others, but the key characteristic is that they are natural and not as synthetic or chemical as other medications. Many are made from herbs or are found naturally occurring in the body. One important thing to remember about all natural pain relief, however, is that these remedies are not acceptable for all people and can have side effects just like traditional medicines.

All Natural Pain Relief: Some Suggestions

Many all natural pain relief remedies are most suitable for minor aches and pains, like headaches, sore muscles, and minor swelling. After strenuous exercise or intense athletic training, these remedies can help to alleviate muscle pain and aid in quicker recovery. Glucosamin and chondroitin is one combination of all natural pain relief that has become so popular and mainstream lately that many people might not even know that they are considered “natural.” Their main function is helping to maintain fluids in and lubricate the joints. Most joint and cartilage deterioration is caused by the accumulation of certain enzymes and this effective pain relief combination helps slow that enzyme production.

Another popular remedy is antler velvet, which is essentially another natural form of glucosamin and chondroitin that comes from animals. Its primary effects are lowering pain, reducing recovery time, and helping build greater strength and endurance. Methylsulfonylmethane is found in plants and milk and also aids in preventing and alleviating muscle soreness after athletic activities.

Arnica and ginger are topical remedies that are used for muscles soreness and inflammation and are similar to other topical liniments, such as methyl salicylate, Zheng Gu Shui, and capsicum oleoresin. Methyl salicylate is made of wintergreen oil and penetrates muscles to deaden the sensation of pain. Zheng Gu Shui is a Chinese liniment that helps with pain because of its active ingredient methol. Warming and soothing away muscle pain, this topical remedy can cause irritation if used too frequently. It functions much like capsicum oleoresin, which is also known as red pepper. Any of these natural remedies can be extremely effective in alleviating minor pain, but, as with other medicines, should be used with caution and care.

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