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Joint Problems: Pain, Causes and Symptoms

Joint pain symptoms are very widespread and common because there are many different causes of joint pain. Sometimes, joint pain is only caused by overuse and exertion. Other times, joint pain is the result of specific injuries or serious medical conditions, like osteoarthritis and or rheumatoid arthritis. Because there are so many different potential causes of joint pain, the symptoms can be hard to specify and identify. Knowing the exact symptoms and what conditions they can signify is the first step treating the pain and solving the underlying problem.

Joint Pain Symptoms and Treatments

Joint pain symptoms can extend beyond simple aches in the joints of the body. Joint pain is often additionally accompanied by stiffness in the joints that can hinder or restrict movement. Because joint pain can be so extensive and persistent, joint and muscle inflammation and headaches are other frequent side effects of joint pain. The pain often interrupts or interferes with sleep, causing persistent fatigue. Additionally, as mobility and flexibility are often impaired, people are forced to give up exercise routines and dramatically restrict daily activities and normal tasks.

There are different ways to treat or cure joint pain. If joint pain is only temporary, resulting from overuse or an injury, pain relievers like ibuprofen or Aleve could help control and minimize pain, enabling you to continue with your normal lifestyle. However, if joint pain is being caused by other more permanent conditions, such as cartilage deterioration or chronic arthritis, other remedies may be necessary to treat the real problem instead of just masking it.

Heat and cold are both common and easy treatments for joint pain because the heat helps massage and stimulate away the pain, while the cold numbs pain and restricts blood flow, helping to reduce inflammation. Ice and hot packs, ice baths, saunas, hot showers, and topical creams, like Blue Emu Cream or Icy Hot, can all help with this heating-cooling remedy. In addition to these treatments, chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and surgery are other available options that can be extremely effective depending on the exact cause of the pain.

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