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In Labor: Questions, Pain, Facts, and Relief

Pain relief in labour is a concern for many pregnant women, whether they are pregnant for the first time or having their second, third or fourth child. Pregnancy is undoubtedly a very difficult time that results in different types of pain all throughout the developmental stages. However, pregnancy does not have to be as painful as imagined or described. There are many options for pain relief during labour, some of which are more “medical” in nature and others which are more natural. The first step in finding the best pain relief is understanding the birthing process and what options are available.

Pain Relief in Labour: The Details

Pain relief in labour can be divided into two basic categories: medication and natural birthing options. Although many people believe that effective pain relief can only be achieved through potent medication, there are other ways to deal with the pain during labour. For those interested in medication to provide pain relief during labour, systemic medication and regional anesthesia are both viable choices. Systemic medication is essential pain relief medicine that is injected into the bloodstream through an IV. Regional anesthesia is more commonly referred to as an epidural and is known to provide very effective pain relief while allowing the mother to be more alert and awake during labour. Epidurals block pain impulses in the backbone, preventing them from reaching the brain. Expecting mothers do not really need to worry about the effects on the baby because in most cases, the amount of medicine that reaches the baby is so minimal that any effects on the baby do not cause permanent changes or damage.

Non-medication options can also be very effective in providing pain relief in labour but they often require advance planning, training, or education. One interesting option that is essentially a new take on an old birthing philosophy is hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a pain relief technique that is based on the idea that knowledge of the function of birthing muscles leads to greater relaxation, less fear, less resistance, and an easier, more painless birth. A waterbirth is an innovative approach to a more pain-free birth because it relies on minimizing the shock to both the baby and mother during the birthing process by easing the transition and allowing the baby to gradually “slide” into the world, assisted by the soothing effects of the mother being submerged in a pool or tub of warm water.

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