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Pain and the Benefits of Topical Creams and Relief

Topical pain relief is an incredibly popular pain remedy because it is so effective and easy to use. One of the greatest benefits of topical pain relief is that it has such an obvious sensation. Many topical pain relief creams create hot and cold sensations, and so users can feel—and therefore believe in—it working to ease their pain. There are many different types of pain relief creams, each with its own specific combination of ingredients. In fact, some pain relief creams, like the Blue Emu Cream, are actually more popular for their other properties—such as moisturization—than for alleviation of pain.

Topical Pain Relief Suggestions

Topical pain relief is most often used by athletes on strained or sore muscles. Icy Hot is one of the most popular choices for topical pain relief. It is characterized by the deep penetrating heat it creates, followed by an intense cooling sensation. The heat helps massage or soothe away the pain, while the cold numbs the pain and helps people continue their activities. Icy Hot is often used prior to athletic activity when it is important to relieve the pain enough so that participation can be continued.

Another great option for topical pain relief is Blue Emu Cream. Blue Emu Cream also creates the same heating and cooling sensations that work to alleviate pain. The active ingredients in Blue Emu Cream are glucosamine, MSM, aloe vera, and emu oil. The aloe vera and emu oil give the cream very skin nourishing properties and make it very effective as a moisturizer. In fact, many people buy Blue Emu Cream as a skin moisturizer instead of a pain relief cream. In addition to the normal, odorless Blue Emu Cream, there is also a maximum strength version that has added menthol for even greater pain relief.

In addition to these two topical remedies, CryoGel and Purple Rub Pain Relief are other choices for pain relief. Arnica or ginger are two herbs that can act as topical remedies, helping with inflammation of joints and sore muscles. Other topical liniments include methyl salicylate that penetrates to deaden the pain sensation, Zheng Gu Shui (a Chinese topical remedy that is good for overexertion), and capsicum, which is also known as red pepper. For other suggestions, visit this website on topical pain relief.

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