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Joint Relief and Causes of Chronic Aches and Pain

Chronic joint pain relief can be difficult and confusing to talk about because there are so many causes for this problem. Pain is rampant throughout society and becoming more common in people of all ages. One possible factor contributing to the increase of pain is the rise of obesity. Weight gain adds to the potential for joint pain because the excess weight adds to stress on the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In addition to obesity, age and too much physical exertion can cause joint pain. Severe cases of chronic joint pain are often due to chronic arthritis or related conditions and can be more difficult to treat. However, regardless of the cause of the joint pain, there is a variety of pain relief options that are worth a try.

Help for Chronic Joint Pain Relief

One of the most common forms of chronic joint pain relief is medication, such as analgesics (pain relievers) and non-steroidal anti-inflammation drugs. American society is predisposed to rely on medication to deal with pain primarily because it is so fast and easy, and other options are not often promoted. The problem with medication, though, is that it often does little to eliminate or permanently solve the problem; it just temporarily masks the pain, which can actually contribute to bigger problems in the future. Additionally, many chronic pain medications are so powerful that there can be problems with addiction and tolerance.

For those who want to consider other pain relief options, heat is effective in pain relief because it penetrates the muscles and joints and helps massage or stimulate away the pain. Heat packs, hot showers, saunas and topical creams, such as Blue Emu Cream, can be used to achieve this warming sensation. A contrasting pain relief method that functions equally well in some cases is the use of cold. Ice, ice packs, and cold baths are often used to numb the pain and slow circulation, resulting in decreased inflammation.

Other forms of pain relief that are often ignored because of their seemingly less “medical” nature include exercise and rest. Exercise can result in increased mobility as flexibility and strength are improved, and rest can give overworked or strained muscles and joints a chance to recover. For severe pain, many people turn to surgery for permanent relief, but it is a drastic option that should only be considered as a last resort.

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