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Natural Ways to Remedy Serious Pain

Using a natural pain remedy is often overlooked or criticized by many people because it is frequently believed to be not as effective or trustworthy as more traditional medicines and drugs. However, natural pain remedies are based on a history of effectiveness and results. Many natural cures and treatments were actually responsible for the development of the drugs that now treat the same conditions. Although natural pain remedies can have side effects just like other medicines, natural pain remedies are less expensive, often better for the body because they are natural, and effective. With a little knowledge, it is easy and safe to treat many medical conditions using natural remedies.

Natural Pain Remedy Options

For those interested in finding a natural pain remedy that can work for their condition, the first step is research. Knowing the disease, problem, or condition and all the possible treatments is the best way to find the remedy that has the greatest chance of success and the least potential for side effects. Natural pain remedies can be divided into different categories, like food, other all-natural substances, and alternative therapies.

Food is possibly one of the easiest, all-natural ways to deal with pain. Some foods actually increase pain, while others work to decrease it. Foods to avoid when experiencing pain include alcohol, tea, coffee, dairy, salt, barley, chocolate, eggs, sugar, oats, citrus, meat, and wheat. Foods to eat while dealing with pain are apples, ginger, peppers, raisins, cantaloupes, melons, potatoes, soybeans, avocados, spinach, bananas, cucumbers, and squash.

Natural substances that help with pain relief and prevention are methylsulfonylmethane, which works to repair damaged cells and cartilage; calcium, which is a good preventative for arthritis; magnesium, which helps with muscle soreness because it is a muscle relaxant; glucosamine, which can help repair joints when combined with chondroitin; arnica, a topical anti-inflammatory; cayenne, which stimulated endorphins to block pain signals; and chamomile, which acts as both an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. Other natural pain remedies that are even less common but possibly more effective include magnetic therapy and acupuncture. Magnetic therapy can be delivered through local patches or bracelets, and people rave about the dramatic effects of acupuncture. Because of the long-proven history and proven effectiveness of different natural pain remedies, they are definitely viable options and treatments for pain relief.

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