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Relief & Prevention of Arthritis Pain: Go Natural

Natural arthritis pain relief can be extremely effective and beneficial for people suffering from severe arthritis pain. However, because of society’s general reliance on medication to solve all health-related problems, many arthritis sufferers do not know about alternative remedies, including natural pain relief methods. For those people willing to branch out and try some innovative treatment methods, the results can be surprisingly effective.

In many cases, natural remedies can be as simple as adding certain supplements to daily diets, eating certain foods, or engaging in specific activities. Much of the general public often believe many natural remedies to be hokey and ineffective, and this negative perception prevents many uninformed sufferers from trying something new.

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief and Treatment

Because arthritis is both a local and widespread type of pain, natural arthritis pain relief can take many different forms. Magnetic therapy is one form of arthritis pain relief that has recently grown in popularity and consistently receives widespread acclaim. Magnetic therapy can be delivered in the form of patches that can be applied locally to specific problem areas or worn as bracelets. Acupuncture is a similar form of pain relief that has long been noted to help with severe pain. Many people who try it cannot believe that they did not take advantage of its pain relieving effects sooner.

Another extremely simple way to help with pain is by monitoring the foods one eats because some foods naturally help alleviate pain while others worsen it. The following foods are known to have natural pain-relieving effects: apples, beans, cabbage, ginger, currants, mangoes, papaya, peppers, raisins, beets, cantaloupe, grapes, melons, parsley, potatoes, soybeans, avocados, mushrooms, peaches, spinach, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, and squash. Foods that tend to worsen pain are alcohol, tea, nuts, coffee, dairy, salt, barley, chocolate, eggs, sugar, oats, citrus, meat, rye, and wheat.

A pain remedy that is different from but similar to food is natural substances that often help with pain. Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic form of sulfur that helps to alleviate pain and facilitates repair of worn and damaged cells. Calcium works to prevent arthritis pain, and magnesium is a known muscle relaxant. Glucosamine helps rebuild worn away cartilage and repairs joints. Arnica is a topical anti-inflammatory, as is chamomile, which also helps muscles relax. To help stop pain from another angle, cayenne can be taken to stimulate the release of endorphins, which work as a natural pain blocker.

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